Discover the basics of genetic algorithms, how it works and the key elements to define to model a problem you want to solve

Photo by Prachatai on Flickr (October 16, 2017).

And how to avoid backslash nightmares in Python, particularly when defining patterns to use with regular expressions

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Why checking input data as the first line of defense is crucial in software security? How is this defense concretely achieved?

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And discover why using it will help to make your code more readable and more efficient!

Photo by Holger Prothmann on Flickr (May 26, 2011).

Iterating sequences

How to format a string in Python. Is there one better way than the others? Or a more efficient one? Or one that is more secure?

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Sébastien Combéfis

Currently working as a business process analyst, also teaching computer science in higher education and developing applications in my spare time.

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